Exposed: The different kinds of wrinkles

Image source: Whether people accept it or not, the skin is the part of the body that ages quickly. Wrin-kles are the most evident manifestations of this. The lines that appear on one’s face can come in different forms. Below is an explanation of the different kinds of wrinkles: Fine lines These lines that […]

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Wrinkles around the eyes: Is there really no way around them?

Aging is inevitable, and some people submit to the caprices of this natural phenomenon. Eye wrinkles and other deep facial lines are thought to be logical outcomes of aging, and some people accept these readily. However, it is easy to delay the onset of wrinkles, although it’s ideal to start sooner than later. Here are […]

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Lift™ by Sono Bello: For your look and your outlook

Image source: Many take for granted the toll a haggard physical appearance takes on emotional and mental well-being. The most hardworking ones have so little time reserved for vanity that when they do get to stop and mull their facial stress lines in the mirror, they feel youth had escaped them. It’s more difficult to […]

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Facial rejuvenation: A vibrant new you

Despite people’s most valiant efforts on their skin care routine and other beauty regimens, the different signs of aging — turkey neck, drooping eyelids, fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, and other hosts of physical changes – creep into their appearance at some point. And for many men and women, the loss of their youthful […]

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Why spot training isn’t enough to remove flabby arms

Spot reduction and spot toning are buzzwords in gym circles. Doing these to supplement the regular workout sounds easy but they might not work for everyone. Dedicating thirty minutes just to burn off the fat in the arms is not always effective. The truth is, spot reduction workouts also require carbohydrates, protein, and fats from […]

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Laugh lines or crow’s feet? What are wrinkles and how do they form

Image source: The skin is an amazing organ. Not only does it protect the body, but it also serves as an amazing indicator of a person’s health, well-being, and age. The components that keep the skin supple and firm diminish over time. This leads to the skin becoming thinner and more fragile. There is […]

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What causes a saggy bottom?

Even people who work hard on their bodies, stressing over exercise and skin care, end up having saggy bottoms. Because most people think of shrinking their stomach fat, they neglect their problems behind. But what causes saggy bottoms and how can it be prevented? Sitting for long hours Sitting is inevitable, especially for those who […]

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