Wrinkles around the eyes: Is there really no way around them?

Aging is inevitable, and some people submit to the caprices of this natural phenomenon. Eye wrinkles and other deep facial lines are thought to be logical outcomes of aging, and some people accept these readily.

However, it is easy to delay the onset of wrinkles, although it’s ideal to start sooner than later. Here are some tips for keeping the area around the eyes from cracking like a Sub-Saharan drought:

1. Wear sunscreen: As if this hasn’t been emphasized enough by mainstream dermatology, it still begs repeating. It’s easy to take this for granted, especially when the beach or mountain sun beckons and you want a tan. But take heed. Swipe on a mild sunscreen that can go into the eye area and pop on a pair of sunnies. If you’re feeling extra careful, hide under a wide-brimmed hat.

Image result for Wear sunscreenImage source: active.com

2. Moisturize: This is a no-brainer, as practically all cosmetic lines carry specialized eye creams. There’s a reason these products are so popular. They prevent puffiness, restore collagen that prevents the skin from collapsing, and nourish the skin. A little vial goes a long way. Eye creams are applied in light-fingered taps.

3. Go for natural formulae: Those cucumbers do a lot of good, whether ingested or laid on topically over tired eyes. Speaking of food, infusing some berries and sweet potato in your diet always gives the skin a nutrient and beauty boost.

Image result for drink cucumberImage source: tasteslovely.com

4. When it’s too late to do all that and age has dawned on the lids and undereye area, then a visit to the dermatologist is in order. Fear not; today’s procedures are nice and easy, and technology has really pushed the natural-looking finish into reality.

Sono Bello Body Contour Centers offers Lift™, an in-office customized procedure that delivers natural-looking results, and addresses wrinkling and drooping skin around the eyes. Visit this blog for more beauty tips.


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