Why spot training isn’t enough to remove flabby arms

Spot reduction and spot toning are buzzwords in gym circles. Doing these to supplement the regular workout sounds easy but they might not work for everyone. Dedicating thirty minutes just to burn off the fat in the arms is not always effective. The truth is, spot reduction workouts also require carbohydrates, protein, and fats from different parts of the body and not just the problem area. Focusing on one body part might as well be spent on the whole body.

Image source: stylecraze.com

However, there is a better option. Spot toning focuses on strengthening the muscles that will soon burn fat. This might take care of problem areas but only after a long time. Some end up doing more spot toning exercises instead of full-body workouts, which might not be beneficial in the long run. In many cases, working out just one part of the body has caused muscle imbalance and even injury. While spot toning is a good way to eliminate unwanted body fats in some areas of the body, one should not neglect the advantages of a full-body and regular workout.

Image source: health.com

These days, there are procedures that can improve a person’s physique in a short span of time. Sono Bello®’s Tri-Sculpt ™ Micro-laser lipo ™ can remove fat that might not be easily zapped through workouts in areas such as the abdomen and the arms in a day. To complement a workout, a non-invasive treatment might speed up the fat-burning process.

With 30 locations nationwide, Sono Bello Body Contour Center has already performed tens of thousands of cosmetic procedures that allowed patients—men and women alike—to see more beautiful versions of themselves. Visit the Sono Bello website to know more about the range of services the center provides.


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