What causes a saggy bottom?

Even people who work hard on their bodies, stressing over exercise and skin care, end up having saggy bottoms. Because most people think of shrinking their stomach fat, they neglect their problems behind. But what causes saggy bottoms and how can it be prevented?

Sitting for long hours

Sitting is inevitable, especially for those who work desk jobs. When people sit all day in front of their desks without breaks, they end up having saggy buttocks. Exercise like resistance training can undo pancake bottoms, while walking or jogging can only burn calories.

Image source: yahoo.com

Eating too much

Most people gain weight by eating too much, but they do not realize how their parts change. There are those who gain only stomach fat, others get bigger thighs, while some get saggy bottoms. For those who carry a lot of their weight on their buttocks or hips, eating too much can cause them to have saggy bottoms. Reduced calorie intake can lessen saggy bottoms, but it will take a lot of time before the effects of the diet manifest in the desired area.


Sometimes it’s not the food or the activity, but the fault of one’s genes. There are those born with naturally perky butts, and there are others who get their flat pancakes from their parents. While physical training can enhance a certain body part, not everyone can achieve their physique goals that easily.

Image source: Sono Bello

While exercise and a healthy diet can do the trick, it’s best to go for foolproof treatments like Sono Bello’s VelaShapeTM. With just four sessions, this treatment can tighten problem areas like the arms and buttocks. This relaxing, non-surgical treatment requires no downtime.

Learn more about the VelaShapeTM and other treatment options by visiting this Sono Bello Body Contour Center page.


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