Everything you need to know about sagging jowls

One of the most common complaints heard by cosmetic clinics is sagging jowls. Their appearance is usually distressing as they are incredibly noticeable. Sagging jowls also immediately age a person, regardless of how young they really are. Facial plastic surgeons have compiled a list of everything one needs to know about the condition.

Image Source: livestrong.com

Weight loss causes skin sagging: The skin is the largest organ in the body and can expand and contract accordingly. However, there is so much stretching the skin can do, particularly along areas where it is relatively thin like in the face. Immediate or fast weight loss around the facial area can give a person a tired look. Additionally, people tend to lose skin elasticity as they get older which results in eye bags and a slack jaw.

There are exercises you can do: Cosmetic surgeons do recommend simple, home exercises to minimize the appearance of slacking skin. Patients though are reminded that while these exercises increase the size of facial muscles, they can also cause expression lines.

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

Certain products help: This is the most important thing to remember. Patients can slow down the sagging process from the outside in. There are topical products that can be used such as retinol, collagen creams, and vitamin C serums. These concoctions improve elasticity to some extent. However, for longer and more trusted results, one can consider a facial cosmetic procedure that can significantly reduce the lines of one’s face.

Getting rid of sagging jowls is no longer a stressful or expensive procedure. There are new technologies that provide for a safe and quick lift.

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