Goodbye, flabby guy: Ending habits that cause belly fat

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It’s not uncommon for people to carry a few extra pounds. However, the excess weight could potentially be a cause of health problems in the future. For men, these unwanted fats become visible in the belly area.

Genetics and physical activity can also affect the appearance of what most people describe as a beer belly or love handles. Here are some of the habits to abandon in exchange for a healthier physique:

1. Late night dining

Here’s a tip: Don’t go to bed three hours after the last meal. For a flatter tummy, settle for small meals and fruits at night if hunger strikes. A full meal consumed close to bedtime will not be properly digested, which could turn to unwanted fat.

2. Sleep deprivation

Those with irregular sleeping habits are more prone to having bigger appetites and slower metabolism during their waking hours. To prevent overeating, sleep well. Seven to nine hours of shut-eye is crucial for adults to be fully rested.

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3. Skipping physical activity

Living a sedentary lifestyle will not burn a significant amount of weight. Exercise could be as simple as going for a 15-minute walk or doing a set of stretches. The key to a faster metabolism is to keep the body moving, and soon after, the fat burning will follow.

These destructive habits cannot be changed overnight. To launch the weight loss process, Sono Bello®’s Tri-Sculpt ™ Micro-laser lipo ™ can help remove the unsightly beer belly while a person works on developing healthier habits. This procedure can define, target, and eliminate fat in one day.

At Sono Bello Body Contour Center, patient care and safety are a top priority. With 30 locations across the U.S., the company has teams of board-certified plastic and facial surgeons equipped with sufficient experience and knowledge to perform cosmetic procedures. Visit the Sono Bello website for more details.


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