The dreaded bra roll: Addressing stubborn back fat

When working out, many women (and men) usually target their “mirror muscles” of the body parts that they can readily see when looking at a mirror. And while their hard work at exercising regularly brings the main health benefits, the reality is, there is an area of the body that most people fail to address until it is has become too bothersome to ignore – the back fat.

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Women are especially susceptible to this. Back fat or the bulge around the bra area is a concern among many women who do not only want to look good from all angles. While there are various causes of back fat — from a bra worn incorrectly to genetics to aging – it inevitably brings about body image issues.

There are exercises that specifically target the back area. Yoga is also said to be effective in strengthening and toning the back muscles. But as many women can testify, improvement take some months before manifesting.

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For women (and men) who want their back fat addressed immediately and effectively, liposuction is highly recommended. In fact, some plastic surgeons aver that “liposuction has been the gold standard of treatment” for back fat.

Most people desire to look their very best, and while regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a joyful disposition in life contribute toward this goal, sometimes science can lend a hand, especially when it comes to that stubborn back fat.

Sono Bello Body Contour Center offers the TrisculptTM Micro-LaserTM Lipo procedure to target the fats in the back area, including the dreaded bra roll. For more information how the innovative three-step lipo process works, visit the Sony Bello website.


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