How to find the right plastic surgeon

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An excellent plastic surgeon is behind every enviable plastic surgery procedure. Patients must choose the most suitable plastic surgeon for themselves before undergoing any procedure because the surgeon’s competence is a main determinant of the procedure’s success. The chosen plastic surgeon knows how to enhance a patient’s beauty and balance aesthetics with health factors. Here are some things to consider when looking for the right plastic surgeon:

Credentials: Is the plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery? Plastic surgeons with board certification in plastic surgery are those who have undergone written and oral tests, three to five years of training in general surgery, and at least two years of training in plastic surgery.

Substantial experience: Does the plastic surgeon have experience in the specific procedure that the patient wants to undergo? There are, for instance, specific skills required for a rhinoplasty, which are different from those required in procedures for the arms. The surgeon should have enough experience in performing the desired procedure of the patient to ensure safety and satisfaction.

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Hospital privileges: Members of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have hospital privileges even if a procedure will be done in an outpatient clinic.

Connection: During an initial consultation, the patient should feel comfortable in disclosing medical history, asking questions, and expressing expected results with the surgeon. The surgeon should also be transparent in all aspects of the procedure and put the patient’s safety over profit and anything else.

Setting: Facility in an outpatient clinic, hospital, or private surgery suite must be accredited by a recognized agency such as American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical facilities and The Joint Commission. A facility will receive accreditation if it adheres to the set of standards for staff, sanitation, equipment, and patient care.
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