Gynaecomastia: Causes, treatment, and elimination

Some men have pecs, but others have breast tissue. Around 50 percent of American men have the so-called “man boobs” also called by medical professionals as gynaecomastia. The condition is common among older men and teenagers. It can affect one or both breasts, and can even come with some pain.

Gynaecomastia has different causes. These include hormonal imbalance, obesity, puberty, medication side effect, steroid intake, and alcoholism, among others. Out of these causes, excessive intake of alcohol is the most common.


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According to different studies, alcohol affects the liver’s function to discard excess estrogen. Because the liver’s work is to metabolize hormones, androgen can be converted into estrogen. This malfunction is responsible for men’s feminine chests. People who take steroids to bulk up also experience hormonal imbalance and conversions that lead to gynaecomastia.

Image source: Sono Bello website

While men can opt for treatment for their hormonal imbalance, this is sometimes not enough. The “man boobs” can pop up again once they’re back to their old ways.

Liposuction is a good option for men who do not want to see their feminine chests again. Sono Bello Body Contour Center offers a three-step liposuction process with TriSculptTM. The clinic’s licensed physicians and contouring specialists will help define, target, eliminate and sculpt men’s unwanted breast growth.

Learn more about TriSculpt™ and how it can help reduce body fats by visiting this blog.


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