Sono Bello’s Fly-in: Beauty matched with convenience

Sono Bello is always looking for ways to conveniently bring patients the quality service they deserve. Patients who want to undergo treatment could be living in far-flung areas where exceptional care could be unavailable.

Distance should not be a hindrance. With Sono Bello, beauty is achievable and convenient with their Fly-In programs.

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The clinic’s physicians are known for doing thousands of body contouring procedures yearly. Since the clinic has many locations across the country, there’s likely a center within a short distance from patients.

Fly-In services are for patients outside of the metro areas who want to get Sono Bello’s body contouring procedures. The clinic’s Fly-In specialists assist patients by offering phone and virtual consultations, eliminating the need for traveling long distances.

Image source: Sono Bello website

Sono Bello’s Fly-In specialists will evaluate a patient’s needs while reviewing their options. After the phone or virtual consultation, patients can book a date for their procedure.

Booking a virtual consultation is easy. Patients can simply send an e-mail to and request for a virtual consultation schedule. Alternatively, they can visit the clinic’s website and answer the Virtual Consultation form.

Sono Bello Body Contour Center offers convenient body and facial cosmetic procedures to patients from all over the United States. To know more about the company’s services, visit its official website.


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