Facelift for beginners: When is the best time to start?

Image source: Sono Bello website

A facelift is a comprehensive approach to treating sagging skin and wrinkles caused by aging. Excess skin is removed during a facelift procedure, while facial muscles and other underlying tissues are also tightened.

When should you consider a facelift?

If you feel that your face does not match your youthful spirit, do it now. When you look at the mirror and notice that you do not look a lot like yourself, it is most likely the right time to do it. Facelifts last for ten years. It will also help re-contour your jawline and neck structure. Do not wait until it’s too late.

Lift™ by Sono Bello® is a facelift that is customized to meet your specific goals. Sono Bello Body Contour Center’s experienced physicians will enhance your facial contour for a more natural and youthful appearance.

Image source: Sono Bello website

The clinic ensures patients’ safety and comfort throughout the process. The procedure only requires the use of a local anesthesia, which minimizes post-procedure experiences usually caused by the use of general anesthetics or IV. Sono Bello® also uses an innovative, FDA-cleared Micro-Laser™ technology stimulates collagen production in treated areas. This technology promotes additional skin tightening in the treated areas than commonly occurs in traditional lifting procedures.

To know more about facial treatments by Sono Bello®, visit the Sono Bello website.


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