Define, target, and eliminate fat: The TriSculpt process

For some men and women, even the strictest exercise routine and dietary restrictions fail to give them the body of their dreams. This can be extremely frustrating given all their hard work and sacrifices just to be fit.

At Sono Bello®, however, the dream body is just three steps away. Through its TriSculpt technique, addressing stubborn fat has never been easier.

Image source: Sono Bello website

Define: Personalized body contouring technique
Contrary to common belief, not all fat is packaged the same way. Thus, it takes a real body contouring specialist to provide an optimal assessment and solution plan. Sono Bello®’s highly competent physicians identify unique problem areas and determine the best treatment course for the body shape. The procedure is then customized to achieve the best results.

Target: Power-Lite™ liposuction

Power-Lite™ liposuction targets and removes majority of unwanted fat. This advanced technology enables physicians to perform the procedure without the need for general anesthesia. Patients receive local anesthesia, which keeps them awake and comfortable during the treatment and thereby facilitates optimal and highly intricate body contouring as well as faster recovery.

Eliminate and sculpt: Micro-laser Lipo

Once the majority of unwanted fat has been removed, a Sono Bello® physician further sculpts and refines the area with an extremely advanced micro-laser that stimulates collagen formation, contours small areas, and tightens skin for a natural and truly beautiful final result.

Image source: Sono Bello website

Tri-Sculpt is just one of the signature body transformation procedures offered at Sono Bello Body Contour Center. Visit the Sono Bello website to discover why many men and women choose this company for their body and facial cosmetic procedures.


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